About the OB Woman's Club

The Ocean Beach Woman’s Club has been a “Hub of Activity” in OB since 1934. We are one of the oldest civic groups in San Diego. We were instrumental in the paving of the OB streets, installation of the sewers, securing street lights and garbage disposal, acquiring a recreation center and public library, secured lifeguards year round, planted the streets with trees, shrubs and flowers, served as a recreation center for servicemen in WWII, helped acquire the Ocean Beach skate park at Robb Field, and our latest project the Ocean Beach Woman’s Club community garden.

The Ocean Beach Woman’s Club is a 501 (c) Non-Profit. Donations can be mailed in or made online at our website.

In memory of
Chester “Chet” Robert Brooks
January 25th, 1920-February 17th, 2003


1925-26 Mrs. Robert Ireland
1926-28 Mrs. Anna C. Birch
1928-30 Mrs. Edith Duel
1930-31 Mrs. Margaret Wanke
1931-33 Mrs. Thomas Mason
1933-35 Mrs. Merle Burns
1935-36 Mrs. Mary C. Lee
1936-37 Mrs  George Kenline
1937-39 Mrs. C.F. Kearney
1939-41 Mrs. Kate Spani
1941-42 Mrs. Albert Muchiando
1942-43 Mrs. Lawrence Krettler
1943-44 Mrs. Kate Spani
1944-46 Mrs. Wm. J. Vay
1946-47 Mrs. Lloyd Davis
1947-48 Mrs. B.H. Nielsen
1948-49 Mrs. Mrs. M.T. Lommasson
1949-50 Mrs. Clark C. Woodland
1950-51 Mrs. Norman D. Spain
1951-52 Mrs. L.A. Heggerle
1953-54 Mrs. Sylan Planson
1954-55 Mrs. Fred C. Thompson
1955-56 Mrs. George Kenline
1956-57 Mrs. Sylan Planson
1959-60 Mrs. Joseph Danner
1960-61 Mrs. T.C. LaNier
1961-62 Mrs. Herman Werth
1962-63 Mrs. Joseph Danner
1963-64 Mrs. Alvard Paull
1964-65 Mrs. George Kenline
1965-66 Mrs. Herman Werth
1966-68 Mrs. Adolph W. Johnson
1968-69 Mrs. H.E. Mishler
1969-71 Mrs. Monroe Pruett (Ruth)
1971-74 Mrs. H.E. Mishler
1974-78 Mrs. James Dougherty
1978-79 Mrs. Ronald Hodges
1979-80 Mrs. Donald Mellon (Ethyl)
1980-82 Mrs. Ruth Kyle
1987-89 Mrs. Warren Simpson
1989-91 Mrs. Iola Powell
1991-92 Mrs. Marie Schaller
1992-94 Mrs. Vivian Lawless
1994-94 Mrs. Mary Braidot
1994-00 Mrs. Chester Brooks (Mary)
2000-08 Mrs. Caryl Hewitt
2008-14 Mrs. Donna Bergerson